Gerard Nus Casanova is a UEFA Pro license football manager with the Sport Science Degree who last managed AFC Eskilstuna in the Superettan. He has worked for many clubs and national teams in different countries, with experience in the Premier League with Liverpool F.C. and Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. (England), in the K League with Chunnam Dragons (South Korea), in the A-League with Melbourne Heart (Australia), for Ghana National Football Team (Africa), Elche CF (Spain), Rayo Vallecano of Madrid (Spain), Rayo OKC (US), Head Coach of Irtysh Pavlodar (Kazakhstan Premier League) and recently as Methodology Technical Director of AFC Eskilstuna (Allsvenskan, Swedish top division).

Gerard developed a coaching App called “Efficiency Match Sports”, an extremely useful sports app that allows you to design drills, create animations, manage teams and players, and take notes and statistics from games, and everything in the simplest, fastest and most efficient way.

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Four Goal Game

Agility + Crossing

Split Field Game

Thru Pass Game

First Touch Exercise

Efficiency Match App 

Back Four Session

Possession Game

Double Shot

Passing Exercise

1 v 1's to Goal

Passing Relay

Possession Into Shooting

Set Piece - Corners

Finishing Activity

Y-Passing Exercise

Pass, Dribble, Sprint

3 v 2 Transition

Man City Finishing

Passing Exercise

Finishing vs GK

"Colors" Finishing Game

3 v 2's w/Finishing

2 v 2 Plus One Game

Triangle Exercise

Villareal Rondos

Timing the Run

Warm Up Finishing

Combination Exercise

Chelsea Finishing

Passing Warm Up

Coordination + Finishing


Mario Trejo Exercise

7 v 7 Plus One

Paired Speed

Finishing Inside the Box

Combinations to Goal

Three Team Exercise

Shot On Target

High Pressure

Two Ball Passing

7 v 7 Plus Two

6 v 6 Plus One Game

Build Up

1 v 1's to Goal

Possession w/Sprints


1 v 1 Competition

Two Finishes

Corner Kicks

Finishing Into 1 v 1


Finishing Into 2 v 1, 3 v 2

Activation Exercise

Activation Exercise

5 v 3 Plus Two

8 v 8 Plus Two

Julio César Exercise

6 v 6 Game

Double Shot

4 v 4 Plus 3

Julio César 2

Possession Game

Reaction Speed

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